Sunday, 28 September 2008

Playing Ftse

Loving this story. People are waking up.

Last night at the Carter Memorial lecture on The State of Astrology Today at the Astrological Lodge, a roomful of astrologers (is there a better collective noun? a degree of astrologers? a wheel of astrologers?) discussed the future while watching the FTSE/New York stock exchange descend. "They've just voted no to the bail out" someone reported. Thank God. No hasty decisions on a Mercury retrograde.
Full report on the Carter lecture in the next post.


  1. I've had to turn News 24 off - all this financial news is boring me rigid. It's almost enough to make me nostalgic for the blanket coverage of Madeleine McCann's "disappearance".

  2. A constellation of astrologers? A planety frolic? An ambiguity ...? (I'm a gemini; of course I had to leap in on that one).

    If my bank goes bust, do I no longer owe them my overdraft?

  3. I'm glad we taxpayers are not going to have to put our hands in our pockets to keep the financial casino running! Althjough I was too young at the time to pay tax, it annoyed me that the government kept bailing out the Channel Tunnel. I bet the only reason it's broken even today is that it hasn't had to pick up all its bills!

  4. a constellation of astrologers ... is well-coined .... well done!...

  5. nice - you got a collective noun comment! I am envious! I have a post on my blog looking for one for Wenches.... only I have replied though! Pimp pimp!


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