Thursday, 4 September 2008


I have to admit I am still pissed off about Hillary Clinton not winning the candidature, nor even being picked as running mate. I guess that makes me a PUMA (Party Unity My Ass).
The way I see it, Hillary worked for this. She had the chops, the experience. Yes, she got there initially via her husband but hey, this is still a man's world. You do what you can. But Americans like bland. She is too spiky. I think once in power she would have been more radical than the persona she presented. America's loss. They could have had a twofer or a BOGOF.
Obama hasn't a chance in hell. Black with a Muslim name. Are you kidding? Was this ever going to work?
Personally I'd rather vote for his wife.
It's as if Obama was launched merely to stop Hillary Clinton. I'm not a great one for conspiracy theories but this stank. Great idea, pitching women's rights against anti-racism. Get the little people to fight each other for the puppet job.
Choosing Sarah Palin is a brilliant strategic move. It's the U.S political equivalent of partnering Des O'Connor with Melanie Sykes on Today with Des and Mel; people love that old man, young woman combo. You see it all the time on the News. You never see the other way round...older woman, young man.
Dumb Democrats.
Again not that any of it makes a difference in the end.


  1. No difference at all. I don't think it matters who wins or loses. The winner will be an obedient puppet to their controllers: people we never see in public life, let alone vote for! If Obama, McCain, Clinton or any of them ever try to break away from their rulers and try to be REAL presidents... well, they should avoid driving past any school book depositories!

    As you'll have guessed by now, I AM a one for conspiracy theories; not all of them, but some of them are definitely true I think.

  2. Are PUMAs anything to do with COUGARS?

    Just asking, like...

    see you tomorrow...
    great posts by the way Ms ML


  3. hmm....from your article link...
    "I have recently encountered the words 'Cougar Women' - a term dreamt up by some male or possibly jealous young female to describe an older woman engaged in a relationship with a younger man. The description 'Cougar Woman' infers a predatory mature woman (35-50+) who hunts, stalks, lusts after and imposes her attentions upon some innocent, inexperienced young male."

    Poor young men, feel so terribly sorry for them, little innocents that they are.


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