Saturday, 27 December 2008

Baked vacherin cheese in its wooden box

Vacherin cheese
I bought a Vacherin cheese, which is in season now. Talk about an easy cheese fondue style supper!
Take the lid of the wooden box, wrap the bottom in tin foil. 
Pour a glass of white wine in the cheese, stud it with some garlic cloves if you wish.
Put it in the oven for 15-20 minutes (roasting oven in the Aga).
We ate this, scooping out the delicious creamy interior with a wooden spoon, dripping it over toasted Puglia loaf, with a plum tomato and basil salad, some parsley pesto and silverskin onions. We drank a South African township white wine which contrasted nicely, biting through the creaminess of the Vacherin.
A memorable meal. 


  1. YUM!! I mean, erm, that's not vegan - eurgh.

  2. this post more than any (for some reason) made me realise that although the title of your blog invokes English cooking I believe almost every post shows the opposite - that your cooking aspires to cuisines of another country. Of course cooking should be global - no criticism intended, just an observation. I'm wondering what the results would be for the bottom of a whole stilton in the same scenario - that WOULD be English and (I think) a good deal cheaper than a Vacheran. I have fond memories of this cheese from the days when I could afford such indulgences.... the way I would usually serve it it hardly needed the oven... this is one that MUST be served warm for sure (as all cheese should be)... Oh the arguements I used to have in restaurants when they serve the cheese cold for health and safety reasons!

  3. You are right mainframe guy. I don't really like English food. It's rather meat based and I don't like English vegetables. I do like English puddings though.
    I've heard that despite it's reputation the English ingredients were always very good and that the reason the French have all these sauces was to hide the poor quality of the meat.
    My heart lies in the mediterranean, my Italian blood no doubt.
    Baked stilton, could be good? With a glass of port?

  4. Good grief, that sounds wonderful!

    As one on the vegge Atkins (don"t ask) this is one for me. Vacherin you say?


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