Friday, 6 March 2009

Indian Menu

Chickpea/coconut/spinach curry at the Underground Restaurant

Have recovered from yesterday's illness which had been brewing for a few days. Awoke early and menu shaping up.

This is what it looks like:

Gin & tonic
home-made bombay mix
Butternut squash/sweet potato/pine nut samosas

butternut squash and sweet potato mix at the Underground RestaurantMaking butternut squash and sweet potato samosas at the Underground Restaurant

Brinjal bhaji with potato
Chickpea/coconut/spinach curry
pilau rice
mint raitha
Naan bread hot from the Aga
Saffron kulfi (recipe I got off videojug, lets hope it works) decorated with crushed almonds and a chocolate/cardamom dipped physallis fruit (which I always call syphillis).



  1. Hmmm, just reading your menus is a treat for the senses!

    Saffron Kulfi? Still no compromise on quality ingredients then, that's my girl.


  2. fantasic! see you tomorrow,,,lemme know if you need anything else.

  3. See ya tomorrow Charlie. Kulfi has worked.Yippee. Wish I had some edible gold to decorate it.

    Bombay mix good now too.

  4. Argh, I wish I could get to London tomorrow as this is all of my favourite Indian foods. Glad to hear your feeling better.

  5. See you tomorrow MsML ... can't wait... the menu looks divine AHIH xxx


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