Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The moon and MsMarmite

I'm an Aga beginner and therefore still adapting recipes that I find fairly easy on a normal stove. Tried creme brulée for the first time on the Aga. (Of course you can't grill the sugar on the top, there being no grill). There are two recipes in the free book Aga give you when you buy the oven, one which uses the roasting oven and another which uses the simmering oven. Being naturally impatient, I used the roasting recipe. Failure. I will post up a picture of the horrible little creatures.

creme brulée for the first time on the Aga

I'll have a go at the slower recipe today.
Also yesterday tried to make my own Bombay mix, despite not having most of the ingredients to hand. Googling recipes on the internet, there was one, on an American site, that makes Bombay mix with pretzels! The version I made, I fried some lentils, some rice, curry leaves, sunflower seeds, coconut and green chilis in ghee. I fried each ingredient separately then drained it on kitchen towel. Then I added raisins, brown sugar, Malden salt and turmeric. It looks allright, but it's not great. 
I also made some meringues which were a bit crap too. Well my teen snorted at them with derision.
In fact with all my failures I wondered if it was that time of the month (which it isn't for your info, I tend to follow the moon ). I do find my cooking is worse when I have my period (and so is my drumming, completely out of time). In Romany culture (1) women are not allowed to cook when they menstruate. It sounds like sexism but I think they've got a point. You are clumsier, less organised, more apt to shout at people. Best stay away from knives and hot stuff.
(1) A similar taboo in American Indian culture (link), Ethiopian Jews (link) and rural women in Virginia.

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