Saturday, 23 May 2009

Indian Spring Flower menu update

Cava with rocket flower (vanilla taste to this flower)

Home-made bombay mix

Asparagus mimosa with viola flowers and sage, geranium and thyme flower butter

Chapatti hot off the griddle

Our guest chef Hardeep Singh Koli presents:
Smoked aubergine and pea curry
Basmati saffron rice.
Green apple chutney
Rose coloured onion salad with tomatoes and flowers

Rosewater kulfi with crystallised rose petals and edible gold accompanied by a heart-shaped violet essence shortbread with lavender sugar 

Fresh mint tea with pinenuts 
rosebud tea from Galvin at Windows

Master chocolatier Paul A Young is bringing Indian spiced truffles with orange and coriander

Edible flowers provided by First Leaf Edible Flowers.
Inspiration by Kathy Brown's book 'Edible Flowers'.

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  1. Wow, is this tonight's? Hope you do it agaian - sounds absolutely amazing! Am at my Manc friend's place in East London, and we're making a curry, but it won't be anything like this!


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