Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Ideas for the longest day menu...


Grilled Padron peppers with olive oil and Maldon salt

Picada on top of something

Roast butternut squash and feta and mint and pomegranite molasses

Stuffed vineleaves with unusual filling

Roast peppers stuffed with mozzarella or maybe halloumi

Green olive focaccia

Filo pastry triangles, with spinach? edged with a tiny seed mix

I will try 'sun drying' tomatoes in my Aga

Individual clafoutis with sour cherries

I'll see what I get in the market on Friday morning...


  1. Looking forward to helping you out... gulp!

  2. I luff padron peppers and have even resorted to growing my own as I can't get hold of the buggers for love nor money. I also adore sour cherries. This menu is making my stomach rumble....

  3. Yum. Which market do you go to?

  4. I tend to go to Portobello because I can also get chairs and crockery there when I need them.
    And it's half the price of any supermarket or Borough market.

  5. I'm growing padron peppers too gastrogeek - are you growing your under glass? I'm not and they are growing very slowly.

    Love the idea of edging the triangles with seeds by the way. Good luck Lizzie!

  6. Hello Ms Marmite :)
    was lovely to see you for lunch today.
    Wish you werent sold out for this weekend and that i could come along :) its my 5th wedding anniversary.
    will book up soon thought
    Mrs. hidden tea :)

  7. Wow! Sounds amazing - wish I had tickets! x

  8. Only occasionally, very occassionally do I get the feeling of missing London and when I saw this menu, it was one of them. The only so far this year.

    I have a word of warning about the drying of tomatoes thought. We 'moon-dried' a glut of cherry tomatoes once (overnight on lowest setting) and the stench was unbelievable - totally wretch-worthy. OH didn't mind it so much, but I swore I'd never do it again. And never have.

    With regard to markets - try Shepherds Bush too for peppers etc. Even cheaper than Portabello (it has been 7 years since I lived there, but it can't've changed that much) and there's a fantastic place on Uxbridge Rd whose name escapes me right now that does superb falafel, breads & baklava. Along with about 12 different sorts of feta in black dustbins (they sell so much of the stuff a small jar won't cut it there). Will speak to mate about name and get back to you if you don't know it already.

    Fingers crossed for the weather for you. Might have to arrange a visit with friends one weekend soon to taste your lovely wares.


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