Monday, 11 January 2010

Lido love

Watching a Tracy Emin film in one of the cubicles

Story cubicle

The park

Mini rave in one of the cubicles

Fan dancer, it was so cold her flames went out very quickly

A slideshow containing quotes from MsMarmitelover

Musicians playing by the icy pool

On Saturday 9th of January curators Adriana Marques and Gilly Fox persuaded the London fields Lido to open at night to celebrate it's extraordinary history, an event called Lido Love.
230 party goers braved the chill, crossing the dark park made pale and safe by the crystalline snow.
Here is a story of the time that I lived at the lido 2002-5.
Many creative and interesting people and projects passed through the Lido during the years that it was squatted, saving it from demolition.


  1. Loved the blog, Loved the story.

  2. I'm glad that some of that "Business as Ususal" spirit is still prevailing in this cold weather. I've dreamed about lovely snowy winters like this for years. So much for global warming! I'm glad you all had fun celebrating this historical event. I hope Tracy Emin is well, and that she's got herself a new bed now! :-)


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