Sunday, 4 April 2010

The smallest restaurant in the UK?

Pic: @siennamarla

Hibiscus flower cocktails...

I used freshly plucked out of the field Purple Sprouting Broccoli from Riverford Organics.Pic:@siennamarla

Hot bread out of the friend Alissia pointed out that much of my food looks like breasts...

Flowers and music pic:@siennamarla

Pic:@siennamarla (aka The Teen)

Mid-May to Mid-June The Teen is doing her GCSE's so I'm shutting the main 'restaurant' for the month and doing small intimate suppers in the summerhouse for up to five guests. Tickets are £40 each plus a £50 (in total) supplement for the 'private room'. If it's separate people, not a group then you can share the cost of the supplement. You can book these online, groups can pay the supplement directly to me at This includes a bottle of Cava to share.

There are still tickets for The Underground Lunch on the 18th of April and for The Underground Tea on the 25th of April. I'm trying to do a few daytime events where, if the weather is fine, we can enjoy the garden. I will be moving into using more seasonal ingredients for my menus now the weather is improving and the veg boxes are less grim and worthy.

Another development: people who come to eat can also buy a range of my goods such as The Underground Muesli, home-made red wine vinegar, red onion confit, sauerkraut, salsas and any other food products I happen to have been making that week. My photographs from my other profession, photography, are also available for sale, signed and framed.

I did my first individual summerhouse dinner last week for a lady that wanted to give her boyfriend a special surprise treat. It was very romantic, flowers, candles and the wood burner. I did feel a bit like Mrs Overall squelching through the muddy garden, hunch backed, bearing a tray. A couple of things got broken in the dark. The fire did go out (I think they were too busy smooching to keep it going) so I gave them blankets. They were huddled up like refugees. But they loved it and said it was "really special".

Other news: The Underground Cooking lessons....a series of after school sushi making lessons aimed at adults and children is starting this Tuesday the 6th of April with Keiko Yamamoto and, on the 17th of April, a focaccia and fresh pasta lesson from MsMarmitelover. We cook, then we eat.

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  1. Sounds wicked...if I had a job in the next two weeks and I was here in the Capital it would have been a nice birthday thing to do... oh well...maybe next time xxx


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