Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Oi! Pygmalion menu for The London Restaurant Festival

Pearly Queen

Awright me old empires, come dahn me Colonel Gadafi (cafe) for some Michael Winner (dinner) at me Mickey Mouse (house) next Saturday. Apart from having a nice rabbit (talk) and bubble (laugh) I've got a typical London menu for you cockneys.
I've been on the blower to get some Penelope Cruz (booze), a Gerry Cottle (bottle) of Vera Lynn (gin) for a Philharmonic (gin & tonic) from Sacred Spirits, an award winning micro distillers in Highgate.
For the grub I reckon....

Mini chip buttie
Marmite on toast

London Particular soup wiv London Cure smoked salmon from Goldstein's
Watercress souffle wiv parsley liquor

Fish pie
Cauliflower cheese

Genuine London-made John Cleese (cheese)"Bermondsey Frier" which is a cheese steak from Veneto and "Bermondsey Hard Pressed Cheese" ranging from raclette to gruyere from the legendary London cheesemaker William Oglethorpe www.kappacasein.com Lawd knows wot they are gonna taste like!

Then a cup of Rosie Lee, a home made Chelsea bun and some fags for pud
And at the end, some Everton toffee (coffee) from Douwe Egberts who are Dutch.

My old mate Signe Johansen is helping out. Cor blimey!
So if you want an Aunt Mable (table) book here: you'll need some pie and mash (cash), about 40 quid per person. http://www.wegottickets.com/event/86803 for the 9th of October and http://www.wegottickets.com/event/86805 for the 16th.


  1. You are the only thing I would move to London for - I love what you do. Such an inspiration - with more than a hint of eccenticity - perfect combination. xxx

  2. ah thank you Diane. And btw I love the song Mandy too!

  3. I love the celebration of london food. Particularly the London Particular - one of me favourites! S


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