Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Christmas present ideas for people who are always in the kitchen at parties

I do of course hope to see as many readers as possible at the "Underground Christmas Market" on December 5th where you will be able to buy food and craft gifts as well as eating and drinking and hanging out listening to music. Here's the link to buy tickets:

But in the meantime here's a few things I personally would love to get for christmas and I hope it gives you all some great ideas for what to buy your loved ones, assuming they are foodies like me.

Love these little herb markers on Etsy
This glass teapot from SilĂ©a would show off one's whole leaf teas beautifully but I've not found it in Britain.
Retro oilcloth for tables from Casa Mexico. You can wipe it down, and it will brighten any kitchen.

Subscription to Fire & Knives: Tim Hayward's bespoke food quarterly, elegant writing, fine illustrations.

Table and chairs from Pale and Interesting: to die for. Table: £775 Bench: £325
Pretty much anything from Toast. I like this bread board made from Mango wood £35 but I also love their jackets(and they do big sizes for piggy cooks like me).

Books from Persephone. They are beautifully designed, reissued classics. Six month subscription 'one book a month' £54. I've already got 'Good Food on the Aga' by Ambrose Heath. Gorgeous.

Anything by Cornishware. Cheering seaside colours, sturdy porcelain, simultaneously modern and vintage. Classic.
I love this chocolate which has salty liquorice in liquid toffee form inside. From this Finnish site.

Sacred Spirits gin and vodka. Hand made in a micro distillery in Highgate. Ticks all the boxes for me.

Anything from The French House. I actually visited 'copper valley' near Carcassone in France and bought the little copper bain marie saucepan featured on their site. I also love their ceramic rise and fall lights.

I love Labour and Wait near Brick Lane. I buy my candles there. I like 'quincaillerie' hardware shops, in France, Labour and Wait approximates their style.

Or how about starting your own truffle farm? Franchi seeds sell starter packs!

A wooden painted beehive compost bin from Wiggly Wigglers £145

Kitchen Maid washing line on a pulley. I like anything on a pulley. Perfect for above the Aga or the bath. 
I lust after a roller towel which would fit on the Aga bar from Pedlars, who also have vintage bus blinds. I want one to Kilburn!


  1. Mmmm, lovely stuff.

    I bought some herb markers from Etsy for my sister-in-law. I think they may have been buried in the earthquake though.

  2. I have the exact same copper bain marie saucepan - the only copper piece I brought from Norfolk :-( The rest all needed retinning & I couldn't find anyone to do it.

  3. Great list...I think I might print it off and leave it lying around with my Toast Catalogue.

  4. Catherine: yes it's difficult to find someone to retin. They do it in carcassonne but I'm not sure where you would find that here. I have a few copper pans I need retinned too.
    Gerry: yup, brilliant idea! hehe

  5. Found this info on retinning: http://www.housetohome.co.uk/articles/Who_repairs_antique_copper_pots__118676.html
    Interesting thread on how to retin and how it used to be done, someone would come round every year to retin people's pots: http://www.finishing.com/255/53.shtml

  6. Some really pretty stuff here; the sort of thing I admire when I go and visit other people's houses! I'm far too idle for the active stuff and far too clumsy for the delicate. But the oilcloth is a great idea- I bought the plastic equivalent from Carrefours, which has a lovely Autumn Harvest sort of theme and protects my walnut surgeon's table.

  7. Walnut surgeon's table...that sounds lovely!

  8. Hey, finally getting a chance to catch up - I love some of your ideas - especially that chocolate bar with liquorice in it! And only just heard of Toast but loving it already...Great recommends! xxx


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