Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The brush off

As a companion piece to my jar post, obviously you need something effective to clean out all those jars. In Notting Hill there is a great hardware shop that sells a selection of brushes. I've been collecting brushes for a while. French Hardware shops are probably my favourite, I can spend hours poring over Opinel knives and pernod dosers.

The one on the left is a squeezy handled brush, great for glasses, getting off lipstick stains. The one on the right has a little black tickly bit on the end, I suppose to do the bottom. These brushes are also good for vases and bottles. 
All kinds of bottle brushes...one's with angles, different textures, different lengths. I just like the combination of wood and wire and bristle. It's a pleasure washing up with these. 
 I got this fireside dust pan and brush in France, tied a gingham ribbon around the handle and use it generally, not just for fires.
 You can see this is well loved. Kept by the sink, it's a vegetable brush. It ends up doing service for everything really.
The pan on the left I picked up in Italy, it has a long handle. I'd really like one of these to go with it. But can I justify spending £45 on a brush?


  1. re: can you justify £45 for a brush? It comes with the dustpan, so probably not. However, you don't have to as the very same brushes are here: http://www.iris.se/174.html you may be able to buy one direct - not sure.

  2. Oh my god! I wondered if this post would bring out some more brush info and it has...what a wonderful site! http://www.iris.se/1575.html?showFolder=19.51ddd3b10fa0c64b24800010248

  3. Oh how great to see that someone else adores hardware shops and market stalls. In France, Spain or Italy...that's where you'll find me in the markets!

  4. Great post. May I add to this the wonderful Muji loo brush (under a tenner), perfect for under the rim. The designer told me it's modelled on an elephant's toothbrush:

  5. Those brushes at the top with the metal handles look familiar- I can also recommend them for washing up thermos flasks!

  6. So it's not just me then....I do admit to a stationary fixation but French hardware shops, ah joy...thanks x

  7. talk about niche interests! you have amassed quite a collection of brushes!


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