Friday, 11 March 2011

Comedy, conferences, dinners and market at The Underground Restaurant

Thursday 17th March (all sold out) it's Comedy Night with Josie Long!!!

Isy Suttie of Peep Show
Also on the bill are Jon Richardson

Tom Basden of the Cowards
and The Behemoth

April 2nd: The Underground Restaurant presents 'Chocolate'. We will be exploring this ingredient, raw and cooked, in both savoury and sweet dishes.

Dessert will be made by Paris based food author Trish Deseine who has written many books on chocolate. We are very lucky! Tickets £40 available here:

April 16th: private hen party with bookbinding workshop by Simon Goode.

April 29th: Dinner: The Royal Wedding Banquet!
Feel free to come in bridal wear, with crowns, sceptres, ermine, pearls and royal purple. The food will be royal. The bunting will boast the Union Jack. Tickets £40 here:

May 6th: The Underground Night Market
This time the Underground farmer's and craft market will be held in the evening starting at 6pm. This will enable the after work crowd to listen to live music, eat lovely food, do their shopping for the weekend, learn to cook at the cooking demos, and buy crafts for the home. Again we will have the Dragon's Den talent show: with food scouts from big brands plus experts in media and marketing, food entrepeneurs will learn whether their business and products are on the right track!
Tickets £5

May 13th: Hunter, gatherer, cook meal with Nick Weston who wrote the Tree House Diaries. A foraged menu with seasonal ingredients.
Tickets £40
May 21st: Underground University: How to start and run a supper club. After the book, the workshop. Talks and workshops, advice, hints and tips from supper club hosts, tax and business people, PR and marketing.
Tickets include breakfast and lunch, all beverages £100

Date change: June 4th: Underground University: Craft Day. We will learn how to make candles in vintage tea cups and other containers with the super talented Me Old china; also planned, how to make bunting and other crafts. More to be confirmed.
The day ticket includes brunch and tea, all beverages £100


  1. Definitely coming to the night market and bringing people with me but will buy tickets a bit closer to the time. If everything works out with my job then you may even see me at the Nick Weston night but having a bad day today and not sure how it is all going to turn out :( xxx

  2. A really exciting programe of events ahead. Spring has sprung (almost) and MsMarmiteLover offers us loads more great events. What could be better than that?


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