Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter brunch under the lilac tree

 hot cross buns...
More hot cross buns...

More hot cross buns...

 hot cross buns with rhubarb compote
...spread with homemade rhubarb compote and extra salty butter...

It was my dad's birthday: here he is being kissed by his old friend Lyn who used to work on Nationwide and knew Fanny Craddock. Fanny was gripping TV but incredibly difficult to work with, he said. His wife Val Lewis has written a book about Ship's Cats through the ages from Nelson's moggie to Churchills.

baked eggs
Baked eggs with double cream and truffle salt. I also served a large bowl of dyed red quails eggs, marbled with tamarind and soy sauce,  and tea eggs alongside a selection of unusual salts (bamboo, sulphuric, umeboshi, black, pyramid, lemon, chocolate).

tart fine
A tarte fine, adapted from Tom Aiken's book 'Easy'. This is such an easy, fresh, impressive recipe. I used goat's cheese and parmesan as well as the gruyere specified; I also substituted asparagus with purple sprouting broccoli. The sorrel, tarragon and white pepper added new flavours. 

easter lunch under the lilac tree
It was such a beautiful day, eating and drinking under my lilac tree which is in bloom.

Salted chocolate tart.
Salted chocolate tart.

Everybody toasting my dad, my book, Easter, seasonal food and good living.

One guest enjoyed himself a great deal.

linn soderstrom
This is Linn who runs a supper club in Sweden. I love her vintage jacket. Isn't she beautiful?

matzoh bread
It's also the Jewish Passover so I made a matzoh bread dessert adapted from David Liebowitz's blog. During Passover, you must clean your house of all flour and yeasted products. You cannot use anything fermented or 'risen'. 

chocolate matzoh
I was a bit dubious about this recipe but it was absolutely delicious.

Linn brought over an Easter drink from Sweden: 'Flaggpunsch' made from Arrack.


  1. Looks like an amazing day! Happy Easter!

  2. I absolutely love Flaggpunsch and always keep running run out! Your party looks wonderful. xx

  3. Looks like a beautiful lunch. Hope the hot cross buns went down well.

  4. Lots to catch up on with the prison post and this one and do I spy another one below? How do you find the time lady?! xxx


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