Thursday, 20 October 2011


The original Babycham drink was perry, poiré or pear cider, made in Britain since Roman times. Perry has languished in popularity but I love the glasses, rimmed in gold, with the Disney-like fawn in blue and yellow. I now have about 50 Babycham glasses in my collection. I do prefer to drink bubbly from a coupe than a flute, but then, as someone who worked for me once noted, much of my food is breast shaped. I often serve guests a welcome drink of Kir Royale, usually with creme de cassis and prosecco.
Recently I was given British creme de cassis to try, made by Jo Hilditch in Hertfordshire. It's quite different, not as sweet as the French version.
I also like to serve dessert in Babycham glasses, below is rosewater kulfi (melting rapidly in the summer heat) with crystallised rose petals which I served at Camp Bestival. Babycham as a brand signifies femininity, childlike innocence, glamour and vintage. This lady has tracked the evolution of the design.


  1. I Love the Babycham ad! I use English Perry in lots of dishes including a Perry Champagne Porridge. I think Perry is much over looked but perhaps the video shows why it's thought of as 'uncool'. Shame.

  2. My husband came back from a visit to his dads with 12 assorted original babycham glasses - how happy was I!!! I use them foe desserts too. x

  3. I remember those glasses, my folks in Muzzy Hill had some, not sure if they have survived the years in between though (the glasses that is)by the way it's a fawn on the glass, a foal is a baby horse

  4. argh you are right, will correct!#citygirl


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