Sunday, 29 July 2012

15>20 degrees longitude: Northern European night at the Global Feast

Fresh as a daisy, Swedish food.
We have arrived at longitude 15 degrees, Northern Europe, including Scandinavia, Germany and Austria.  Guest chef Linn Soderstrom from Hemma Hos Linn supper club in Stockholm flew over (courtesy of Visit Sweden) to cook at Global Feast last night.


Vodka from Chase Vodka (the only potato vodka made in the UK) with sour cherries from Linn's mother's garden.

Skagen Røra
Prawns with sour cream, dill, lemon
Cucumber, Mint, Tarragon gazpacho

Pickled herring from Lerøy in Sweden salad
paired with Grüner Veltliner wine from small winery Rabl, courtesy of Merry Widows wine who specialise in Austrian wines.

Main course:
Rump steak braised in Porter with carrots, potatoes, black currant sauce

Icecream with caramel and berries

German strawberry cheesecake from German supper club hostess Claudia Stachelhaus of White Room Supper Club

Salted liquorice from Sweden.

Early in the morning Linn went into my garden to pick flowers and onions. It's been great having supper club chefs like Linn and Aoife to stay. In the Global Feast kitchen, ideas, recipes, ingredients, tips and tricks are exchanged. We all love and obsess over food. This is what they mean by melting pot.
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 Oregano flowers and onions from the dewy Secret Garden Club
 Top left clockwise: herring salad; rump steak; gazpacho; caramel icecream with berries
Top left clockwise: Chives and chive flowers; strawberry cheesecake; salty liquorice; Swedish crispbread with home-made butter.

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