Monday, 12 August 2013

Recipe: fish tacos with all the trimmings

You'll often find fish tacos where the fish is fried in batter. I'm not sure a battered fish works with the slim yellow disk of corn tortilla, the crunchy shredded salad and the salsas. Here, I marinate the fish in achiote, an ochre clay-red crushed berry that imparts a saffrony, dirty-in-a-good-way muddy flavour to the dish. It's lower calorie (not that I care about that particularly), healthier and most critically, an authentic Mexican taste.
Buy a box of achiote online ( is one source). Kept in the fridge, it lasts forever and can be used in all manner of Mexican foods. You can rub achiote paste, perhaps a little bit diluted with hot stock or water, all over your meat or fish, or take a pinch and add it to stews and beans.
Find the recipe here on the Good Food Channel together with my recipe for 3 salsas. Add a quick guacamole (crush ripe avocado, a little red onion, some salt, some finely chopped jalapeno chili, juice of a lime and some chopped fresh coriander). You can also add my latest fave rave, chipotle mayonnaise. You have an entire meal with all the trimmings, just lay out all the elements and let your guests compile their own tacos. Pick n Mix!


  1. Hmm...sounds delicious enough but personally I’d prefer a taco cat. Purely because “taco cat” spelt backwards is still “taco cat”.

  2. Oh yes you are so correct all the required foods groups here wrapped up in a nice neat parcel.

  3. These look AMAZING. Fish by far my favourite kind of tacos :-)

  4. This looks mouthwatering and fingerlicking (in that order I guess). Delicious.


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