Sunday, 29 January 2012

Thatcher Tea

 Each one of these took about an hour to make 'Thatcher pops'
 Union Jack biscuits...and for how much longer will there be a Union Jack flag?
 Treasury cake...loadsa money! and pearls...the guy on the far left works for Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith!
 Mrs Thatcher's own recipe 'orange and walnut' cake
 The uterine symbol of power...handbag biscuits and RR loves MT (Ronald Reagan loves Margaret)

 Maggie Maggie Maggie Out Out Out
 No war but class war!
 Mrs Thatcher invented Mr Whippy but this is my home made version
 Milk Snatcher cupcakes with milk bottles on top
 My signature sandwich

 Grantham Gingerbread from Mrs Thatcher's home town
Champagne socialism in action!


  1. This looks absolutely fabulous! What amazing styling!

  2. 'Miners cant afford these' really? You're going there?

  3. What an absolutely inspired range of treats!

  4. Those Thatcher pops are faintly terrifying. Even in miniature cake form, she can give you a mighty look.

  5. I imagine you all drank tea with no milk?! Cx

  6. Wow - cake pops are awesome! Labour of love.

    She invented Mr. Whippy? What a multi-tasker.

  7. Inspirational and funny - am seriously envious and regretting not being there!


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