Friday, 25 May 2012

Recipe: picnic: salad in a jar

I love picnics and salads and jars. Combine all three with this portable layered salad idea. I was trying to make a Jubilee salad (red white and blue) but frustratingly discovered that are there are no genuinely blue foods. Blue foods are purple. So I gave up and used whatever goodies I could find in my fridge.
The layers from the bottom:
Pickled plums recipe from Nigella Lawson
Mini mozzarella 'pearls' (available at Tesco)
Tiny cherry tomatoes from Riverford Organics.
Curley parsley from my garden.
Shaved purple carrots
Shaved orange carrots
Sunflower sprouts from Riverford Organics.
Dressing of your choice

Tip: put the dressing in the bottom then turn the jar upside down once you've set up your picnic.


  1. What a simply brilliant idea - will definitely give this a go. Thank you for sharing this.
    Carol x

  2. This looks fabulous!

  3. What a fantastic idea - I will definitely be trying this at work -instead of buying lunch every day!

  4. A most excellent idea!

  5. Brilliant and pretty, too! I can't wait to try this for a beach picnic...and now I'm imagining a layered marinated shrimp salad with capers and tomatoes and your curly parsley. Thanks so much for this great idea.

  6. instead of mozzerella from dreaded tesco try Peli Pabo, creamy goats cheese pearls from Y Cwt Caws ( up here in North Wales...creamy gorgeousness

    Denise x

  7. this looks yummy and so pretty x

  8. I do know what good mozzarella is Denise. But I was using what I had in the fridge.
    But thanks everyone else for your lovely comments.

  9. I love this idea and it looks so gorgeous. I take my lunch to work every day but it doesn't look as inviting as this beautiful salad in a Jar.
    Thank you - looking forward to Monday now to do a bit of showing off!

  10. That is bloody genius, why has noone thought of this before?!

  11. Magnolia: what kind of layers are you thinking of?
    One could do feta, spinach, chickpea layers with a harissa tahina dressing?

  12. This is a lovely recipe. I will definitely try it out. Ideal picnic recipe. One thing that I noticed though is that the pickled plum recipe is not Nigella's. It's taken from her website but it looks as though it's from a reader. (Not mine!!) But if you tried it out then I'm sure it's great. So no qualms there! Love your site! xx

  13. I think Nigella has done a pickled plum recipe in one of her books. She loves a pickle just as I do!


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