Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Hobbit food

My inspirations for this menu were of course derived from the books but also, from woodland and wild foods. I tried to avoid New World foods so no tomatoes. Although Gandalf does smoke a pipe, filled with tobacco? Would that have been a New World import ?
Guests were warm and happy in the cosy yurt.

Elevenses menu:
Mulled cider
roast chestnuts
Coffee (imported by dwarves according to Tolkein)
Tea (in a brick from Tibet)
Elven bread (lemmas) made from spelt flour and Icelandic moss
Home-made strawberry jam
Seed cake
Honey cake
Apple pie
Home made muesli
Wild berry compote
Smoked salmon
Pickled herring
Smoked mackerel
Cheeses, chutneys and pickles
Liquorice Gandalf pipes

Supper menu:
Mulled cider
Roast chestnuts
Spelt crisp bread with truffle paste
Wild mushroom soup with oat bread
Whole sea bass baked in salt (this was for gollum)
Roast roots
Dandelion salad and other wild leaves
Cheeses and pickles
Mince pies
Apple pie with cream
Chocolate coins (that Smaug sat on)

Here I am in the Ham and High with some of the 'elevenses' guests. Yes I do possess a Gandalf style hooded cloak. I just exude cool don't I?

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