Friday, 28 March 2014

A wine column and a Mothers Day recipe for champagne cake is a new (less than a year since the launch) wine buying site with a constantly evolving list of 100 wines chosen by MW Nick Adams, at very reasonable prices. I'm going to be writing a monthly column, my thoughts on wine and food, from the perspective of a cook.
To celebrate Mother's Day, my first post will be a recipe for champagne cake, a classy but boozy home-made gift that most mums would appreciate. What would your mother like as a gift this Sunday? Does your mum have a particular wine that she likes?
See the recipe for champagne cake here. 


  1. Kerstin, congrats on your new monthly column. I'll look forward to reading it. How does one go about subscribing? The champagne cake sounds absolutely delicious ~ I'll definitely give it a go. And my mother's favourite wine? Pinot Noir. She adores a good Pinot. Me? I'm yet to meet one that doesn't taste vaguely of mud... ;) Cheers, Caro

  2. Hi Caro, I'm not a massive fan of Pinot Noir either but perhaps copious 'testing' will make me change my mind.
    I don't know if you can subscribe to the site, but they are doing a big overhaul in the next few weeks. Do check out their wine deals though.


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