Monday, 3 March 2014

Peach Tea recipe

 This recipe will appear in my forthcoming book, due end of August, MsMarmitelover's Secret Tea Party.

Peach iced ‘tea’

This is a classic Southern drink, with an extra bit of fun. Scarlett O’Hara would sip on this while plotting how to get her next beau.
For a large teapot 

2 teabags of orange pekoe or other black tea
300ml of just boiled water
4tbsp sugar
50ml Peach schnapps
50ml peach nectar
50ml vodka

4 peaches, cut into segments for the tea cups

In the teapot add the teabags into the just boiled water. 
 Once the tea is at the strength you require, add the sugar. 
Then add the alcohol: peach schnapps, nectar, vodka.
Place the peach segments on the side of each cup by cutting into 8ths then making a little slit down the centre.

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