Thursday, 16 April 2015

Wild garlic and asparagus crispy omelette recipe

wild garlic, asparagus, omelette recipe
wild garlic, asparagus, omelette recipe ingredients
wild garlic, asparagus, omelette recipe

Spring is sprung. I can tell by the ingredients available in my weekly Riverford Organic veg box. Lo! the hungry gap is drifting away into the horizon...that dull period in Britain between January and May when there isn't much to eat other than potatoes, turnips, kale and cabbage. Until next year...I heave a sigh of relief.
I got asparagus and wild garlic, yes another wild garlic recipe, the second in a week. Say it myself but it was delish. Hope you enjoy.

Wild garlic and asparagus crispy omelette recipe

Serves 2

4 eggs
pinch sea salt
a large handful of wild garlic, chop up 1/3, keep the rest whole
a dozen spears of fine asparagus
enough olive oil to cover the base of your frying pan
Zest of 1 lemon
a handful of fresh mint, finely chopped
White pepper

Whisk the eggs in a bowl and add a pinch of salt and the chopped 1/3 of wild garlic. I used a heavy seasoned cast iron frying pan which I heated up in advance on the stove. Use any good non-stick wide frying pan.
Snap the stringy ends of the asparagus by bending near the ends and snapping it off.
Oil the frying pan and tip in the egg mixture. Swirl it around until it cover the base of the pan then let it cook for a minute.
Add the asparagus spears whole then add the wild garlic leaves on top. Keep your pan on a low heat, use a lid or plate to cover the frying pan, letting the asparagus and garlic steam.
After five to ten minutes, remove the lid and grate on the lemon zest and sprinkle the fresh mint. Season with more sea salt and white pepper.
Serve warm, from the pan if you wish.


  1. Love the second photo.

  2. In a weird coincidence, this morning I made myself a pecorino, feta and wild garlic omelette to have for lunch at work today. I discovered our local park has a stack of pretty wild garlic, so dog walking has a another purpose now! Good to see how you make it, too. I didn't chop any and it seems a better way. Next omelette!

    1. It softens well when cooked so one doesn't need to chop necessarily...

  3. Lush! I have some wild garlic in a pot (my Dad brought some to me freshly dug up last year) and will have to try this. Only so much garlic pesto one can eat haha!

  4. Just made it- I had to steam my asparagus first as the stems were too thick for steaming on top of the omelette, but it was delicious - the lemon zest and mint at the end is a nice touch. Thank you!


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