Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Espelette pepper pasta

world pasta day spaghetti with espelette butter

world pasta day spaghetti with espelette butter

world pasta day spaghetti with espelette butter
I'm going back to Bordeaux tomorrow. One of the popular ingredients from thereabouts, grown further down the Atlantic coast in the Northern Basque region is espelette pepper. I like it because not only does it give an attractive orange colour to food, espelette is not too hot. It adds flavour, even some acidity rather than a tongue-numbing heat.
After years of touting good sea salt, Pepper is now in my culinary spotlight. And where better to use it than on my favourite serotonin-boosting anti-depressant food, pasta. A few weeks ago I gave a simple recipe for the Roman dish, pepe e cacio spaghetti, or pepper and cheese on pasta, as inspired by the award winning Padella restaurant.
I bought espelette pepper flavoured butter from Bordier, on my recent visit to Bordeaux where I met the French food blogger Anne Lataillaud of Papilles et Pupilles who inspired this pasta recipe.

Get the recipe for Spaghetti with espelette butter here.

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  1. Hi Kerstin, I was looking for new ways to cook pasta and lucky enough I found your espelette pepper recipe. The pictures look gorgeous and really make me so hungry now. I'm giving this recipe a try. Thanks for sharing!


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