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Vegan autumnal curry recipe

Vegan Coriander, Butternut Squash and Green tomato curry
Fresh herbs are often the difference between a dull dish and one zinging with flavour. Coriander is the most frequently used herb the world over, used in several continents comprising both Asian cookery and Latin American food. 
For years parsley was the most popular herb in Britain, but it now has a slightly dated and naff reputation. Curly parsley, in particular, is used mostly as a garnish. Flat leaf parsley is preferred by cooks under 50. 
Today coriander has taken over. According to, who supply most British supermarkets, it is number one in the herb parade. The biggest coriander fans are Londoners and cities with high Asian populations such as Bradford and Birmingham. Why? For their curries, of course.
Don't forget to use every part of coriander: the stems and leaves, but also the pale roots for Thai-style curries. 
 This is a great way for gardeners to use up the last of their tomatoes, some of which are still green. 
In this recipe I've also used fresh ginger and turmeric roots. I keep them in the freezer and grate them directly into dishes as and when I need to use them. Kashmiri chillies are also the key to an authentic curry; they provide depth of flavour without too much heat. Order them online. To use dried chillies, soak them in boiling water for half an hour then snip off the stems and deseed. 
Vegan Coriander, Butternut Squash and Green tomato curry

Vegan Coriander, Butternut Squash and Green tomato curry

Serves 4-6

3 dried kashmiri chillies, soaked, deseeded. 
50ml of ground nut or vegetable oil
1tsp mustard seeds
1 large black cardomom
1tsp of cumin seeds

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Vegan Coriander, Butternut Squash and Green tomato curry



  1. I so agree with you that fresh herbs are often the difference between a dull dish and one zinging with flavour. I made a cauliflower curry at the weekend and forgot to pick up the fresh coriander and the dish was lacking in something. I am pleased to learn that coriander is king in the UK. Your vegan curry is showcasing the most perfect colours for Autumn, hence its name I guess :) Lovely

    1. Thank you Shaheen. I think coriander is my favourite too. But I also love dill.

  2. Please ask Marmite to change label to 100% vegan


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