Thursday, 11 May 2017

Elotes: Mexican sweet corn recipe

This Mexican street food is quick, easy and delicious. Buy the freshest sweetest corn on the cobs 'elotes' you can find. (I bought Waitrose Super Sweet corn but frozen is also good if corn is out of season). If the corn is in season (September), then peel back the husk to form a handle once you've boiled it.

Elotes recipe

Do you like my sweetcorn inspired manicure?
Serves 4

4 sweet corn on the cobs
300ml sour cream or creme fraiche
100g grated parmesan or cotija Mexican cheese or crumbled feta
A shake of Tajin. This is a ready-made Mexican chilli, lime and salt mix available from You can use it over fruit, with beer, over nuts, over pizza. I love it. I also like this chipotle salt.
Chipotle sauce (or sweet paprika if you don't like heat)
1 lime, quartered
Sea salt to taste

In a large pan of boiling salted water, boil the corn cobs until tender (about ten minutes).
Attach forks, skewers or corn on the cob holders to the corn.
Then using the 'handle' to turn the corn, grill it over a flame or under a grill to get it slightly blackened.
Pour the sour cream into a shallow bowl and dip the length of the corn into it.
Sprinkle the parmesan or other cheese over the corn cob.
Shake the Tajin over it or pour a little chilli sauce, add a squeeze of lime and a sprinkle of sea salt to each cob.
Serve immediately (but actually it's also good cold).

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